Meet Milsa, one of our She's the First sponsored girls

Meet Milsa, one of the student leaders in Guatemala and one of our very own She’s the First sponsored girls.  She is 15 years old and lives at home with her mom, dad, and her four siblings in a small lakeside village called Santa Catarina.  We thought that a good way to introduce you to her would be by walking you through an average day in her life.  So we asked Milsa what her typical day looks like, and this is what she shared (translated, of course!):

“At 6am I wake up, get myself dressed, and start a fire to heat water for my family.  After I get the fire going I help my mom prepare breakfast for everyone.  When the food is ready I get my older brother, who is disabled, dressed and ready for the day.  When everyone has finished eating I go down to the lake to sell woven goods that my mom makes.  While I wait for customers I do my homework so that I have everything ready for my afternoon classes.  At around 12pm head back up to the house to help my mom prepare lunch and get myself ready for school.  From 1:25pm-6:30pm I attend classes.  It’s my favorite part of the day.  When school gets out I walk home and start up another fire to make coffee for everyone.  Afterwards, I help my brother get ready for bed, and my day is over.”

So there it is, a day in the life of Milsa.  We are continually amazed at these young women’s hard work and dedication to their education in the midst of their many other day-to-day responsibilities.