We begin 2015 with big news to share: She’s the First has a new headquarters at 261 Fifth Avenue in New York City!

We are thrilled to embark on the “Adopt a Nonprofit” initiative with Next Jump, an innovative technology company founded by Charlie Kim. For $1 rent, Next Jump not only grants STF office space but also an environment of fitness, nutrition, and learning for our employees and interns. Together, we are partners in achieving Next Jump’s bold vision: To change the world through workplace culture.

Our intention is that She’s the First will grow immensely within Next Jump, with access to guest speakers, coaching, and pro bono services like Code for a Cause. We will contribute to Next Jump employees’ happiness, sense of purpose, and global awareness by sharing stories of our impact and inviting Next Jumpers to participate in our campaigns, events, Leadership Summit, and more.

In the process, She’s the First and Next Jump will build a co-habitation model that other non-profits and for-profits can adopt in cities and industries all across America. With Next Jump, we can speed even faster toward our vision of a world where quality universal education exists.

The best thing about our move is that you can come along, too! Here’s how:

As we begin our new adventures at Next Jump, we’d like to send a special thank you:

  • To Select Office Suites, for giving us our first home from June 2012-December 2014, bringing us to this growth spurt.
  • To Rachel Hofstetter, who first told us about Next Jump.
  • To Francesca Ferrante, director of the Adopt-a-Nonprofit initiative and our champion, and Crystal Chen, who opened the door for us.
  • To Charlie Kim and Meghan Messenger, for leading the team who has so warmly welcomed us!