One of our STF scholars from Starfish One by One in Guatemala recently graduated and has the unique opportunity to work at Starfish One by One at their headquarters in Colorado.

As a quick reminder, Maria Yolanda and her twin sister Maria Celena are both STF Scholars. Maria Yolanda wants to be a teacher and has already completed a successful student-teaching period, where she was very loved by the children. She traveled a long distance to attend high school, and at times gets stranded when rains wash away the bridge. Thankfully, Yolanda and her sister Celena have a dedicated and supportive mother who is very focused on their education and they have both just celebrated the incredible milestone of high school graduation.

Yolanda has been giving us updates over on the Starfish One by One blog and here is one of her first posts about her first impressions of Colorado. I’ve included the English translation as well as the original Spanish for our readers who know both languages!

“Evergreen is a very beautiful place. I like it a lot because there are trees and animals like deer, elk, buffalo, bears, and foxes that can walk through the mountains without any fear of being hunted because they are protected. In various places it is prohibited to hunt animals, but still there are few places where people can hunt, and in those places people will always be on the animals’ land.

Just yesterday there were deer walking near the house. They walked with such freedom, without any fear. They walked in a pack, and it was very beautiful to see them so close and to see them in action. Or when they raised their ears to listen to people talk. It’s very interesting.

I hope that this interests you. For me, it is amazing to see deer and elk almost every day, walking on their way.”

“Evergreen es un lugar muy hermoso, me gusta mucho porque hay árboles y los animales como Venados, Alces, Bufalos, Osos y Zorros pueden andar entre las montañas sin ningún temor a ser cazados por las personas, porque ellos están protegidos. En vario lugares esta Prohibido la caza de animales, aún así son pocos lugares en donde las personas pueden cazar, siempre que sea en el terreno de ellos.

Precisamente ayer habían varios venados que andaban cerca de la casa, ellos andaban con toda libertad sin miedo alguno, andan en manadas y fue muy bonito ver que ellos están cerca y ver como actúan o cuando levantan las orejas para escuchar a las personas cuando hablan. Es muy interesante.

Pues espero que les haya interesado saber esto, para mi es algo impresionante el ver casi todos los días a los Venados y Alces andar por el camino.”

Aren’t her observations beautiful? We’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to see our world from the eyes of an STF Scholar! Hopefully there will be more to come!