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Need a little extra convincing that If the World Were My Classroom belongs on your bookshelf? It’s a no-brainer — 100% of the $15 price directly sponsors girls’ education in these eight countries! But, just in case you’re on the fence, here are some samples of the soul-shaking poetry that would be at your fingertips! Oh, and did we mention that Jess Weiner wrote the introduction? She’s the Dove Global Self-Esteem Ambassador and a huge inspiration to us and millions of young women, who read her advice in Seventeen and listen to her speak across the country.

Because we can’t say it enough: Thank you Azure Antoinette, Studio Alchemy,, and the An Family for making this first book possible!


The nest is a cage
And you are but a willing prisoner.
When you find your infant feathers shedding,
Take a breath and leap.
Turn the thunder in your heart,
From apprehension to fervor.
For it is your turn to join the symphony of liberty,
And drink from the fountain of possibility.
Spread your plumes proudly,
For they may never be matched.
You are artwork of the sky.
Never mind the machines above,

With their painted corporate insignia,
And their creaky metal wings.
Through bolts and wheels they only hope to achieve,
What nature bestows upon you.
They soar too fast—
Always on schedule;
Always with a set destination.
You have a destination too,

But you might never be on schedule.
And that is a blessing.
Scale mountains,
Glide through jungles,
Surf the changing winds, and
Always, always, chase sunrises.
No boundaries, just horizons.

Becky Li


Dear nine-year-old girl,
Enjoy the days when you and your dad would twirl.
Before you know it, time flies
And soon you will be in junior high.
Don’t worry, this is your awkward stage,
You will be beautiful by your 17th year of age.
In high school there will be many boys,
I encourage you to have fun but handle them with poise.
If the star quarterback doesn’t see that you are beautiful inside and out
Don’t worry, I’ve heard college boys are what it’s all about.
So be patient with your life, enjoy being little,
And always remember, you don’t need a man to live your life like there’s no tomorrow.

Jordyn Wells


Classrooms are full of pressures and doubts.

No one hears her when she shouts.

She struggles through rumors, each story causing her more pain, when all she wants from this place is to make a name.

Little do they know she’s tougher than she looks, she has more knowledge than just from the books.

Knowledge and courage can get you far, whatever the goal, aim for the stars. Stand your ground firm and continue to learn.

Now keep your head up girl, you can conquer this world.

Jessie Price