Thanks to the funds raised from our Flip cams, She’s the First has been able to sponsor two more girls from the Kisa Project! Meet Glory John, one of the lucky girls, and and become her penpal by writing to her in the comments!

Glory John is 19 years old and the first born in her family. We recently received a letter from Glory John about what she’s doing in school and a little more about her and how excited she is to be a part of the She’s the First family.

Glory John says:

Hello She’s the first!
Am very happy to have you as my sponsors, friends and important people in my life.
I am Glory John, a form five student at ENABOISHU HIGH SCHOOL. Am glad that i got a chance to be here for my further education. My ambition is to work on big companies like UN since i really wish to help women,orphans,refugees and street children.
I fill sorry for my self because i did not make a digital story. But i wish one day to do that and you will get to hear it when am done. Is that fine with you my dudes?
guess what!I only stay with my father my mother passed away almost 6 years ago, i some time miss her allot and wish to be by her side but she is no where to be seen. Am sure if she could be around and hear everything about KISA she could be proud of me and you my sponsors. But God is good he has given me new friends{sponsors}who have been good to me always and they are very concern. IT’S YOU SHE’S THE FIRST.
I love you more than you can guess and i wish one day to see you all. You know what? Am proud of you all cause you told me some of you are doing music and is the thing i really love in life.
Will you mind to tell me which kind of music are you doing?

Comment below and tell Glory all about your favorite music, and ask the questions you want answered about her life. We’ll send your notes to her to answer!

[Editor’s note: Letters from students are not edited for grammar, style, etc.]