Becca Wertheim - author, cupcake queen, and STF campus leader!

Did you know the newest She’s the First*{Campus} chapter is at the University of North Carolina – Asheville, and that the impressive founder, Becca Wertheim, is already a published author? Each month, her book, Live High on Life, supports an organization through an awareness platform called Project Twelve. Project Twelve supports the most deserving organizations which help young people. For November and December, Project Twelve is supporting She’s the First, which means that a portion of all book sales will go directly toward sponsoring girls’ education in the developing world!

We asked Becca to guest blog to explain more about how she is changing the world! Take it away, Becca!


I’ve been an avid fan of journaling since I was seven years old, when I received my very first journal as a gift. Writing soon became one of my favorite ways to express myself. The best part was that I could write down all my crazy awesome ideas of how I would change the world, and my journal couldn’t discourage me. It couldn’t say, “Becca, those things will never happen. They’re impossible.” Instead, it was just there, full of hundreds of blank sheets waiting for me to fill them. I’d write about how I wanted to be a teacher and a motivational speaker, traveling the world and helping as many people as I could. Those were (and still are) my biggest dreams.

In high school, I started to realize that many of my friends and peers, who also had awesome goals for their life, were being discouraged from actually reaching their goals. I hated seeing friends with so much potential give up on what was important to them, and I knew that it was time for me to make a positive difference. That’s why during my junior year of high school, I decided that I wanted to write an inspirational book for teens to help encourage them to follow their dreams. The way I looked at it, if I would be able to actually write and publish a book at age 16, then that would be a perfect example of how young people can do anything they set their mind to!

My book all started with a journal entry where I was writing a list of tips and advice that I thought other teens would find helpful and inspiring. This journal entry eventually evolved into a 12-chapter book, covering topics such as loving yourself, building self-esteem, setting goals, and never giving up. The book is also filled with true stories from other teens, positive quotes on every page, and even journal prompts! Writing the book was so much fun for me, because I was able to combine two of my favorite things—writing and helping others—to make a difference. After a couple years of writing combined with lots of hard work and determination, Live High on Life was published in November 2010.

My hope for Live High on Life is that it will continue inspiring other young people to follow their dreams. Living high on life is all about creating your own happiness and living the life you’ve imagined, without letting anyone or anything keep you from reaching your dreams. For me, one of those dreams was to write a book and now that I can check that off my list, I’m excited about moving toward my dream of teaching in a developing country.

Becca at her tie-dye cupcake sale!

Whether you’re like Tammy Tibbetts, with the dream of creating a non-profit to sponsor girls’ education, or like Maggie Doyne, with the dream of building a school in Nepal, or like Linsday Brown, who envisioned the power of a tie-dye cupcake, I want young people to realize that they can do ANYTHING they set their mind to, even when it seems impossible. When we combine our HUGE dreams with passion and perseverance, then the seemingly impossible suddenly becomes possible. I mean let’s be honest…who would’ve ever thought that a week’s worth of cupcake sales could raise over $19,000!

But we did it; we made it happen. She’s the First is moving forward and shaping the future for girls’ education in the developing world. By believing in ourselves, we’re helping girls around the world believe in themselves as well. I love my generation of change-makers and I hope that all young people will find what they’re passionate about and just go for it, fearlessly. Together we are changing the world, but most importantly, we’re teaching girls in the developing world how they can change the world, too!

To support She’s the First, be sure to order a personalized copy of Live High on Life at! Everyone will also receive a free copy of Success for Teens with their order.

Keep dreaming BIG!
Becca Wertheim