Annah showing off her new Malek Academy school uniform.

Annah of Project Education South Sudan has an exciting future ahead! She has been accepted into Malek Academy Secondary School. Annah is an exceptional student of whom we are extremely proud. It is still very rare for girls in South Sudan to have the opportunity to attend a secondary school, but with your help we hope to see this happen more and more for our students. Annah wanted to share her thanks in a letter to you along with a few photos showing off her new school and uniform.

Dear She’s the First,

Best greeting to you in the name of Jesus Christ (Amen). I hope that you are well as I am here in South Sudan. I am very to you for what you have done to me. I appreciate you that may God bless you. I have received many items such as school shoes, soaps, socks, bucket, school uniform and school fees.

I am in the school following my studies at Malek Academy. I am lucky that I have a chance at my academy goals. I will be proud for what you have done to me as happy as king, as well as you supporting me.


Annah A. sends a thank you to her supporters at She's the First.

Malek Academy, the secondary school that Annah will be attending.

We wish Annah the best of luck on her new endeavors and can’t wait to see where they take her. She is a remarkable young woman and we look forward to sharing more from her experiences at Malek Academy. Any words of wisdom you would like to share with her?