We’ve all been faced with the classic birthday present dilemma – what do you give to the person who has everything? We settle for presents like movies we’ve seen 10 times or sweet smelling candles, gift certificates for dinners out, or new books. Let’s make it simpler this year – for everyone!

The author of this post plans to donate her birthday, too!

Birthdays are a cause for celebration, so use yours to support a cause close to your heart. By donating your birthday to She’s the First, you can encourage your social network to give a different kind of gift this year – the gift of education.


She’s the First just debuted its Facebook Causes page here! After joining our cause, you’ll see a link that recommends using “Birthday Wishes,” or donating your birthday to make a difference. From there, the process is self-explanatory. Simply enter your birthday and the age you’ll be turning, choose She’s the First as your selected cause, and select your suggested donation amount. You may then post your “Birthday Wish” to your Facebook wall. Invite your friends and family (or your entire social network!) to support your goal of sending a girl in a developing country to school! To learn more about the schools where you can sponsor a girl, follow this link.

“Birthday Wishes” are simple and sweet and education, of course, is the gift that keeps on giving.