After the heartfelt poems from Shanti Bhavan students in India, we received poems from girls at the Kopila Valley Children’s Home & School in Nepal to add to Poetry Month! She’s the First most notably sponsors four girls in the Kopila Valley program, through the tie-dye cupcake bake sales of the women’s soccer team at Notre Dame, as well as the yard sale & coin collection fundraiser of NJ teen Mackenzie Olsen.

Enjoy, and please share your reactions in the comments so they can be shared with Kopila Valley Children’s Home & School Founder Maggie Doyne and her girls. (Don’t forget to tweet your own #stfpoem verses, too!)

White Cloud

by Nisha

I saw a white cloud floating by in the sky


She was looking down on me saying hi

I told her to come take me for a ride.

She said sorry my dear, you need to stay behind.

You have so much to learn,

You have so much to do.

The world is at your fingertips.

Just waiting for you.

But why can’t I come too? I asked.

To learn all of those things with you?

Because you need to go to school,

And wear your uniform, and shine your shoes.

There are books to read

And sums to add

Little girls look good in plaid.

That’s where little girls need to be.

In school learning, you see.

Okay I said.

I will learn all there is to learn in the world.

And then I’ll go far away.

Up in the clouds.

With you.


by Janak

Today is a day to play

Today is a day to win.

Today is a day to get started.

Come on!  Let’s practice the game

In the big field

In the sunny weather.

Today is a day to win.

I hope that we will win.

What is Love?

by Shova


Love is helping someone with their work.

Love is visiting our friends with lots of presents.

Love is giving food for birds when they are hungry.

Love is giving water and compost to plants where butterflies can rest.

Love is helping someone when they are hurt in their heart.

Love is a smile.

All of that is love.



by Goma

Goma, far right, with Nisha, at the computer

Maggie is my mother.

She is shining in the sky

I love Maggie so much.

Maggie is helping to others because

She is so beautiful and gentle.

She is our Maggie.

Know we are one happy family.