She’s the First is honored to congratulate its latest first!  The Kopila Valley Children’s Home in Nepal is our first partner school to be awarded the 2011 Norman Borlaug Humanitarian Award.  This award, named for Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Norman Borlaug, is given annually to humanitarians committed to changing the world.  In addition to this outstanding honor, Maggie was awarded a $100,000 contribution from MedAssets.

Maggie has already been named 2009’s Do Something! Grand Prize Winner, CosmoGirl of the Year, and has been featured in the New York Times’ Magazine.  Now, one more tremendous award can be added to the growing list of the Kopila Valley’s supporters!

Even though she was in Las Vegas to accept the awards, Maggie still made time to say goodnight to the Kopila Valley children over skype.  Between celebrating two birthdays and welcoming new students into the start of the new school year, it goes without saying that Maggie and the Kopila team stays busy!  To read more about the honors, adventures, and new students of Kopila, check out Maggie’s blog.