This Fall She’s the First is all about embarking on new adventures, literally and virtually.

While our very own Christen and Kate Lord are visiting She’s the First partner schools, back in the states our campus chapters have started taking part in She’s the First’s Global Awareness Program – G.A.P. for short.

Each month Christen, STF Director of International Operations, picks a topic that the campus chapters will discuss through a monthly Google+ Hangout. The campus chapters are grouped by region, given an article on the topic, and encouraged to bring their own articles, comments, and questions to the discussions.

During the month of September, representatives from campus chapters came together virtually to discuss the impacts of child marriage. Our moderators were completely floored by how insightful the discussions were.

As the Global Awareness Assistant, I was able to sit in on all of our Google+ Hangouts and was completely impressed by the conversation and by how seamless using Google+ Hangouts was. This is why when our Founder/President Tammy asked me to take part in a Google+ Hangout on behalf of She’s the First for the Day of the Girl, I said yes in a heartbeat!

On October 11, I joined a hangout with Daria Musk (Google+ extraordinaire), a classroom in Newton, Connecticut, and a classroom in Tanzania that is a part of The School Fund.

Our discussion was centered on education, the girls’ dreams, and how organizations like She’s the First are making a difference. The number one thing I took away from our hangout was that dreams are universal. Every girl has a dream to get an education, help her community, or become a doctor — technology and social media, like Google+ hangouts, just make it easy for a girl in Connecticut and a girl in Tanzania to realize that they have a lot more in common than they originally thought.

You can watch the Day of the Girl hangout below AND add She’s the First to your circle: