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She’s the First sponsors hundreds of students in low-income countries across the globe.

From 16-year-old Preetha in India to 12-year-old Nayda in Peru, She’s the First gives girls the chance to become first in their families to graduate from secondary school. Meet a few representatives of the next generation of global leaders here.

Meet Maheshwari


Maheshwari comes from a family of quarry workers in rural India, none of whom completed schooling past the eighth grade. Watch as our 11-minute documentary follows her through her final week at school and her steps across the stage to receive the first high school diploma in her family.

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Meet Sintayehu


She’s the first Scholar Sintayehu is a junior in Ethiopia. In this photo essay, she revisits the shantytown where she lived before permanently moving to the Selamta Family Project, our partner in Addis Ababa.

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Meet Elizabeth


Elizabeth, known to her friends as Eli, shows us a day in her life as an STF Scholar at the Sacred Valley Project in Peru. Explore her photo essay for a peek into day-to-day life at this dormitory.

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Meet Tizita


On a recent STF trip to Ethiopia, our team brought STF Scholar Tizita with them for her first-ever trip to the National Museum. Read about her experience on the STF blog.

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Meet Eli


Eli, an STF scholar in Tanzania, talks to the STF team about her daily routines. Walk in Eli’s footsteps as she takes us through fetching water from her local river.

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Watch “She’s the First,” a Poem by STF Scholar Deepa

STF Scholar Deepa lives in Surkhet, Nepal. She wants to work in medicine, but in the meantime, she writes poems — like this one, about what it means to her to be the First.

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Watch Focused

Have you ever woken up with a business idea that you just knew would change everything? Fatou has. This is her story – the story of what happens when you give a student the skills she needs in order to achieve her most audacious goals.

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