Annah Angeth Awan

Bright & early this morning, we received a warm introduction to the student sponsored for a year by She’s the First Poetry Month! To all of you who purchased a $4 ecard for a mother, friend, or teacher, please meet the girl whose life you touched, Annah Angeth Awan. We even have two special handwritten notes for you below! Please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll send it back.

The Executive Director of Project Education Sudan, Carol Rinehart, emailed us the following:

Attached is the Headmaster’s ( Lual Awan John) letter from Pagook Primary school, Annah Angeth Awan’s personal letter to She’s The First and an image taken by the headmaster. As you can read, Annah is a very eager and ambitious young woman who will be the first in her family to continue her education! Thanks to She’s the First and Poetry Month!