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Sophia Paulo

Meet Sophia Paolo, a 17 year old in AfricAid’s Kisa Project and one of the girls you’ll help sponsor when you purchase the If the World Were My Classroom anthology. She is one of the first girls from her village to get both a primary and secondary education and wants to be a politician so she can empower other girls and women in Tanzania. Sophia loves that the Kisa Project has given her the chance to learn more about women and improve her public speaking.




Karen, a 16 year old from Guatemala, is dreaming of going to college to be a forensic doctor. She lives with her mom and her two sisters in Santiago. Karen is excelling in English in our partner program, Starfish One by One, is extremely outgoing and also loves playing basketball!




Kalkidan Girma is a 10 year old in the 3rd grade at the Selamta Family Project in Ethiopia. Her name means “promise” in Amharic. Kalkidan came to Selamta when she was four years old. Now she is thriving with an excellent report card, and finished third in her second grade class last year. She already knows she wants to be a teacher when she grows up!




Proceeds from our anthology will benefit the education of girls like these who are from Tanzania, India, Uganda, Kenya, Guatemala, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Nepal. These girls who wouldn’t be able to afford school otherwise will now have an opportunity to be the First!

Happy Poetry Month everyone!

Want to play your part in helping make sure girls across the world have the change to go to school and learn how to make sweet poetry out of their own lives? Order the anthology today.