Chapter Members Monica Townsend (2012), Lindsay Brown (2013), Maddie Fox (2013), Casey Kraft (2012)

Between Casey Kraft’s recent departure to volunteer in Peru and Monica Townsend’s return from Shanti Bhavan in India, our She’s the First*{Notre Dame} chapter has gone globe-trotting this summer!  Now, one more of their members joins our world traveling roster.  This week, Lindsay Brown, a sophomore at Notre Dame, arrived in Nepal to visit our partner school, the Kopila Valley Children’s Home.

As a member of the She’s the First*{Notre Dame}, Lindsay represented She’s the First at the Clinton Global Initiative University.  She is also one of the creators of the now iconic She’s the First tie-dyed cupcakes. As a national soccer champ, Lindsey and her Notre Dame teammates also sponsor three girls at Kopila Valley.  Lindsay is a star both on and off the field!

Make sure to check the Kopila Valley blog to see how Lindsay’s soccer team, “The Sagarmatha,” (Mt. Everest in Nepalese) does during her stay!