Right after Fashion Week ended in New York City, She’s the First weaved our global mission into the fabric of Social Media Week New York, Feb. 18-22; it’s a global festival that explores the social, cultural, and economic impact of social media. Let’s fast-forward to the highlights!

Google+ Hangout participants

1) For the first time ever, we held a Google+ Hangout with scholars in India, Chai and Mala, who are graduates of our partner school, Shanti Bhavan. Christen Brandt, our Director of International Operations, connected them with fellow first-generation graduates in the U.S.–Daisy Arriaga, who is the president of the She’s the First*{Ithaca} chapter, and Meaghan O’Connor, founding president of She’s the First*{Michigan}. They had a fascinating discussion on the impact of social media on college life, academics, extracurriculars, and mentorship (did you know posting on Facebook is now part of homework?!). It was the first time any of them had done a Google Hangout!

Bonus: This Hangout is in the running to win $5,000 in Social Media Week’s contest…if we win, we’re sponsoring 3 girls in India with the prize. We should hear the results in a couple weeks!

Tammy presenting an Appreciation Award to Ms. Wilson-Scott, with the help of Nia

2) We honored the Acting Head of the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Ms. Dalila Wilson-Scott, on Thursday evening at a private reception debuting our 2013 Board of Directors. Ms. Wilson-Scott took a lead role in launching one of the most successful crowdsourced philanthropy programs on Facebook, Chase Community Giving, from which She’s the First has immensely benefited.

Not only did we receive a $25,000 grant in May 2012, but we were also selected to appear on the American Giving Awards, presented by Chase Community Giving, and won $5,000, which we used to create the Chase Your Dreams sponsorships supporting a girl in each of our eight partner countries.

We were honored that Toby Daniels, the founder of Social Media Week, gave Opening Remarks! He complimented the passion that She’s the First supporters pour into our events and fundraisers.

The goal of this particular reception was to grow a circle of funders for the U.S. operations of She’s the First, which you can learn about here. The stars of the night were the Young Women’s Leadership School students from Brooklyn who are starting the newest She’s the First campus chapter. They gave us a snapshot of their own lives and illustrated how their dreams to be first-generation college grads parallel those of the girls they want to sponsor around the world.

Check out our photos, and meet our game-changing Board of Directors here.

Bonus: Everyone loved the Instagraham cookies Baking for Good made, using photos of girls we sponsor, as well as the cupcake bouquets donated by 1-800 Flowers!

3) We had the chance to talk She’s the First at two other SMW events. Christen Brandt spoke about our model of girl sponsorship on a panel hosted by the world’s largest non-profit organization, BRAC, at the 92Y.

Our President Tammy Tibbetts talked about how social media powers social entrepreneurship on New York Women in Communication’s panel, which featured keynote remarks from the city’s first Chief Digital Officer, Rachel Haot. Tammy also gave a presentation on the sweet success of our tie-dye cupcake campaign at the Wix Lounge on Wednesday night.

Bonus: Christen’s BRAC panel was recorded; watch here!

Christen on BRAC's panel; Tammy at the Wix Lounge; Tammy with NYWICI speakers

What was your highlight of Social Media Week? Tell us in the comments below!