Who would’ve guessed that a tiny, brightly colored cupcake would be able to make the lives of girls in Nepal a little sweeter? Along with some sugar, flour, and eggs, Lindsey Brown mixed determination, passion, and creativity to create a life-changing recipe.  Last year, Lindsey, then a sophomore at Notre Dame, wrote to She’s the First asking how she could help. Inspired by the New York Times Magazine piece on Maggie Doyne, founder of the Kopila Valley Children’s Home & School, Lindsey was driven to action. Her fundraising efforts came in the form of the now iconic She’s the First tie-dyed cupcakes. After her NCAA champion soccer teammates joined her efforts, their cupcake sales raised nearly $1,000!

The cupcake that started it all

Lindsey’s cupcake-filled journey with She’s the First began small – selling the small treats out of her dorm room.  Now, she’s busy baking the cupcakes with the students at Kopila Valley in Nepal!  A few weeks ago, Lindsey traveled to Nepal to visit the school that she has dedicated the past two years to supporting.  During her trip, Lindsey whipped up a batch of her famous cupcakes to celebrate two of the young girls’ birthdays.  As Lindsey wrote on her Tumblr, “My friend Maddie Fox and I always joke that we’re saving the world one cupcake at a time.  But, after coming here and meeting the three girls that my team sponsors, I’m starting to think it might not be a joke after all.”

Because of her team’s creative fundraising efforts, Lindsey launched a cupcake coalition that’s taking over the nation. From New York City to Rome, She’s the First*{Campus} chapters will be hosting cupcake sales in support of girls’ education.  Lindsey certainly created a recipe for sweet success! Like the young students they’ve sponsored, She’s the First*{Notre Dame}’s cupcakes have proven that big change can come in small packages.

Do you want to join our first national bake sale? Let us know by signing up at shesthefirst.org/cupcakes!