In the marathon world, most runners know that the Boston marathon falls on “Marathon Monday,” which is always on Patriots Day, the third Monday in April. This year’s Boston was expected to be even more special than usual. The race not only fell on another holiday, Easter Monday, but it was also the first Boston marathon to follow the year of 2013’s Boston Bombings.

For the 36,000 runners and one million live spectators that came out to run and cheer their hearts out for the 2014 Boston marathon, most were carrying a few more emotions this year than previous years. Walking down Boylston Street a day before the race (the iconic finish line of the race), one could sense an immense amount of passion in the streets of Boston. This was the year the community would take back the prestigious Boston Marathon, and run it #BostonStrong. Two of those runners, hardworking enough to get into the race, were two of She’s the First’s very own charity runners, Trish Moran and Lindsay Moulton!

Even though the Boston Marathon is over, the passionate spirit of this race was unlike any other, and it lives on in our STF runners! Below, you can read more about these two special ladies, and get inspired to get out and running your own way to victory. As the Boston Athletic Association stated after the marathon, “The race may be over, but the memories of what we all experienced over this past year will live in our hearts forever.”

Patricia (Trish) Moran, aged 24, is from Newton, MA. Trish’s connection to the Boston Marathon is very strong, given she studied at Boston College for her undergraduate degree. Trish went on to get her Masters in Higher Education at the University of Pennsylvania. She now works as an Area Coordinator at Lasell College (and is an advisor for the college’s STF club!) Catch her tweeting @Moranpg and fundraising at

Lindsay Moulton, aged 20, hails from Madison, WI, but completed most of her Boston training miles in Sevilla, Spain, while on a study abroad program. She is a current student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and can be found tweeting @L_Mo201.

Nicki / She’s the First: What are you the first to do? or want to be the first to do?

Trish Moran: I was the first in my family to get a master’s degree.

Lindsay Moulton: I want to be the first lawyer in my family, and fight for equality between the sexes in the United States.

Trish waves to friends & family during the race.

Trish waves to friends & family during the race.

STF: How are you helping girls to run the world?

TM: I ran the Boston Marathon this year, and I am running the Providence Half marathon on May 4th with two of my students!

LM: I am helping girls to run the world by training and running the Boston Marathon while studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain.

STF: What was your fundraising goal?

TM: My fundraising goal was originally $400 to sponsor a girl in Uganda’s education, but fortunately I have been able to surpass this to almost $500 with the generous help of friends.

LM: My fundraising goal was $300, but I was fortunate enough to have raised over double of that amount.

STF: What’s a training tip or fitness that you’ve learned in the process of being part of the campaign?

TM: I learned the importance of cross-training, stretching, and foam rolling before and after runs!

LM: I learned that training for a marathon while studying abroad is incredibly difficult! I actually injured myself about three weeks before the race, and had to run the marathon on a stress fracture, which I would not recommend.  Mental toughness can make up for a lot!

STF: Best piece of support/feedback/encouragement that you’ve received?

TM: It was definitely running by the school I work at, Lasell College, at mile 16 and seeing all of my students waiting for me.

LM: My best friends made me a “good luck” video before the run. I haven’t seen them since January since I’ve been in Spain, so it meant a lot to me.

Lindsay at the pre-race expo.

Lindsay at the pre-race expo.

STF: What’s your power song for a great run?

TM: “Electric Feel” by MGMT

LM: “The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes

STF: Tell us about a girl sponsored by She’s the First who motivates you.

TM: I was motivated especially by Stella, 17, of Uganda, as she is so active in sports and wants to become a doctor or nurse when she grows up!

LM: I am incredibly motivated by all of the girls we (University of Wisconsin) sponsor in Guatemala. It is also especially wonderful to me that we sponsor girls from Guatemala because that is where one of my cousins, Carmen, is from.

STF: Have you ever run the Boston Marathon before? If so, how many times? And if no, tell us why you want to run Boston particularly in 2014, one year after the Boston Bombings?

TM: I ran the Boston Marathon two times before when I was a student at BC, but it was unofficially for the Campus School Marathon team (2010 and 2011).

LM: I ran my first marathon last year, and qualified for Boston with a time of 3:16. I wanted to run Boston so badly (especially after the events of last year), but as I was studying abroad in Spain I had to work to convince my parents.

STF: Give us a quick race recap – how was your race, any advice you would give to future marathon runners, in Boston or elsewhere?

TM: The race went relatively well!  I hoped to run it faster but I was happy I finished; it was awfully hot.  The crowd support throughout the course was incredible and so helpful.  The only advice I would give is to truly take it all in-  it is 26 miles of fun and an unforgettable experience!

LM: The race was tough; again, I was running on a stress fracture and hadn’t run for 3 weeks beforehand due to the injury. However, the support I received from the people of Boston really helped me push through. My new favorite quote is “If you want to run fast, run alone. If you want to run far, run together.”

Congratulations to these two running rockstars!