In October, Val Martin of The Uplifting Project (and a great friend of STF!) traveled to Tanzania, and stopped in to say hello to some of the girls we sponsor there. She met with Eli and Glory, two girls in their first of two years at The Kisa Project, where they’re learning computer, leadership, and life skills. We sent along a photo album of our favorite places in NYC (which you can check out here!), and Val talked to them about their future plans. Doesn’t Eli look great in her I ❤ NY tee?


And guess what? Next week, we’re holding an event here in New York during Social Media Week — and no matter where you are, you can take part by helping us to sponsor Eli’s last year of school! Just watch for the #SMWMagic hashtag next Thursday, February 16th. For every time it’s used, The Think Cloud will donate $1 toward her sponsorship — and I know you guys can make it happen.

Have a message for Eli or Glory? Leave it in the comments and we’ll make sure it gets to her! Plus, check out more photos from Val’s trip below:

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