Last week, we were delighted to share with you the Kibera School for Girls‘ favorite sports. Check them out here (sneak preview: basketball and netball were their favorites!). This week, we present their reasons for exercising! Without further ado, the responses below are from fourth graders at KSG–in their own words–who have plenty of inspiration to share with those participating in the She’s the First Run the World campaign.

Girls at KSG play on their new playground!

Girls at KSG play on their new playground!

It is important because you can be healthy and energetic. You can be important to other people. It kills boredom. It makes you to be relaxed. You can do exercise to be fit and healthy. It makes you feel better. It makes you to be attentive in whatever you are doing.It makes your muscles to be big and strong. It gives you power. You can be known all over the country. You can make sponsorship. It makes you feel excited. It makes you to be motivated. You can have a lot of fun. You can make friendship. You can interact with a lot of people and people would like to see you and talk to you.

So that you can…

  • kill your boredom, be strong, be flexible, be alive and live, stretch your muscles, co-operate with other people, participate in class, protect yourself, relax your body, concentrate in class and do not sleep, psyche up, listen in class, enjoy your life and live long, be healthy, not be sad


It is good to be fit because you will be able to know more people and interact with them. It is good to be healthy because when you are not healthy you will not be able to do something good or even you can not be energetic. If you are not healthy, you can even not be able to cooperate or participate somewhere. You will not be able to even mix with people. You can be even very shy that you can’t talk in front of people. If you want to be healthy, you can try to do some exercises. You can even play so that you can kill your boredom. You can also realize some stress. If you are fit and healthy you will always be free and nothing bad will be going through your mind. It is always nice to be fit and healthy so that you can be very comfortable and free.

Yoga is just one of their many talents!

Yoga is just one of their many talents!

It is important because you need to…

  • be healthy and strong, be energetic and flexible, relax and interact with people, co-operate with your friends, do exercise and play games, concentrate and participate, fit in and not to become homesick, have psyche, relax



  • you must be flexible, we must be strong and energetic, we must be excited,our muscles should be strong, exercise helps us to be strong, we need to relax and concentrate in class, we make our body to be flexible enough,we can also teach exercise when we are flexible, we now new things and new exercise, we feel strong in our body


I think it is important because…

  • you will be flexible, you will relax your mind, you will grow to be healthy and strong, you will be energetic, you will cooperate with others, you will refresh your mind, you will not be bored, you will be motivated, you will not be weak, you will be psyched up



  • if I play I kill the boredom, I interact with other people like my schoolmates, I feel flexible when I do exercise and when I do yoga and also when I play games, I feel strong and muscles also feel strong.